Friday, November 6, 2015

Tents! Because Dolls and stuffies like camping too!

 I've been working on these tents for a while. Mostly since I had no pattern, and a only a couple of tutorials to work with. However, I've managed to come up with a couple of tents that I'm mostly satisfied with, although I may tweak the pattern for the big tent a bit. Here are the two sizes I made.
The bigger tent is a great size for AG or other 18" dolls and can fit two laying down side by side.
It features a zip opening, which makes it look more realistic.
Barbies also work for this one, although the tent is on the large side, it's great for a big Barbie slumber party.
The smaller tents (I made two, because they are fast, and easy with no zip and a facing around the door) are a bit small for Barbie, but can fit one laying diagonal. It does fit the smaller sister dolls, such as Skipper, Stacie, or Chelsea.
My girls like to pair them with a variety of toys, including My Little Pony,
various dolls in various sizes,
and various stuffies. Beanie Boos are the favourites at the moment.
These tents can be ordered on my facebook page here, however, there are limited order slots, due to life being busy when you have young kids. Thanks for stopping in! You can follow me on facebook, instagram and pinterest, or leave a comment down below.