Friday, January 8, 2016

Sisboom Sally!

I've got something exciting to write about today. My good friend Jeanine, whom you may have heard of in the Scientific Seamstress Lab Group on Facebook, asked if I'd like to test a new pattern that Sisboom is releasing. Now, testing patterns hasn't really caught my interest before. What makes this one different? It's got her name on it! Her first pattern, and of course I would be honored to test! Here is a cover photo of the pattern that you can purchase here on Etsy.

Isn't it beautiful dress!? That pattern is well written, and everything you've come to expect from Sisboom. I love that it has the look of a good covering sundress, with the potential to become so much more. 
These are the views given, but really you could take it further. One layer skirt or two. Sash or no sash. What really amps up the pattern is which fabrics you choose. I would love to see this done with dressy fabrics. Tulle or lace on the top layer skirt would be amazing (in fact, I just might do that in the future!) One option that isn't shown here, is the option to have the bias tape around the neck and arm holes showing, which I'll show you in a bit on my daughter's dress.
The pattern is designed for medium to light weight fabrics, especially since there is elastic in the back to help the waist cinch in. One of my favourite features of the dress is that it has no buttons or zip, which makes it a quick, fun, sew. It is designed to be roomy, so that little girls can pull it on themselves. It's got the prettiness of a party dress, with the comfort of a sundress, what's not to love. I'm so tempted to try it in knit. Down the road I probably will. 
This is the one I made. Indoor pictures aren't the best quality, but all I can get in the middle of a Canadian winter. As you can see, I made mine with the bias tape turned to the outside. I also made my bias tape out of the same fabric as the top layer skirt, which I thought was really cute. I had previously only ever worked with double fold bias tape, and still struggle with getting my stitching just right. It's so much easier with single fold, since you don't have to worry with catching anything on the other side. And if you like a solid bodice, you can always have it on the inside. The pattern has clear instructions on how to do both, so you can pick your preference. 

Here's a close up of the bias tape. Monkey isn't keen on modeling (there's a reason behind her nickname, lol), so I had to take it off to get a clear pic. Honey loves to model, but since this was a test, I sewed up one for Monkey, who is an average size 5. It is easier to sew for her, since she's an average size, but photography is so much easier with Honey, who is a size 5 with size 7/8 height.
This is the view of the back. I should point out that I used chambray as the main fabric, and since it is a heavier weight, the elastic doesn't cinch in quite as much as it should. Had I used a lighter weight, the elastic would have gathered better. This is not a reflection of the pattern, rather of my obsession with chambray. This is also with the lower neckline, I'd like to try the higher one, as two cutting lines are offered in the pattern.

Honey has already requested one, so I took her fabric shopping. This may be a summer dress, but it since it has a looser fit, it layers wonderfully over a long sleeved tee. She wanted a winter dress, so this is what she picked. Can't say I'm not proud with the pairing!
I'm so excited to sew more Sally's, and play around with the pattern, I've got so many ideas! 
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Now you can follow me on Bloglovin!

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 I finally figured out how to set up Bloglovin, I guess I'm a bit slow, lol. Anyway, now you can follow me on Bloglovin!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Holiday break, behind the scenes!

I'm so excited, and a little scared. I made my first two sales just before Christmas. I never thought I'd sew and sell, but sewing a lot gets expensive. Being a stay at home mom means asking Hubs for money. Now I know we always say it's our money, and I DO do a lot of work at home, not to mention raising our two girls, but it still feels good bringing in a little money, even if it's just enough to help me increase my fabric and pattern stash.
These two beauties found their forever homes each with a happy little girl! I'm really proud of these. I hope to increase the color selection in the new year, and hopefully increase the orders!
Another first in the new year is my first time testing a pattern that's about to release! I'm not able to give any details just yet, but I can tell you that it's been exciting and scary. I absolutely LOVE the pattern, and hope my tests inspire others to buy it once it's released.
I can give you a peak at the fabrics I'm using! The first pairing was suppose to be a muslin, but turned out so great. The grey chambray is a little thick for this particular pattern, but I got it to work.
I've got one done, and I've already got fabric picked out for another two! 

Keep checking back, the review will be coming up once I've got the go ahead! I guess I should finish some of my projects that have been waiting in the mean time. 
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