Monday, May 25, 2015

Rainbow Rumba!

Finished a rumba skirt in rainbow plaid. Another SS/SB winner of a pattern! The Perfectly Preppy Skirt is such a versatile pattern, and my favourite option is the three tiered rumba skirt. An addition to my craft sale inventory! I'd love to keep this one for my oldest daughter, but with her drawers practically exploding with clothes, it's not meant to be. I think I'll have to start giving some of her bought clothes to a thrift shop so I can sew more for her.
My hubby is home with me all week this week. He decided to take a week off to finish my sewing room, so I can finally move in! I can't wait! Now if only there was room in the budget for a new desk and a cutting table...
Thanks to him being home all week, I get an uninterrupted sew day tomorrow! He'll be putting in flooring and watching the youngest, while my oldest is in school. I've got some great stuff to stitch up! Check in again soon if you want to know what, I'll be posting!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A match made in summer

I just love the Tobago! Can you tell? ;) It sews up so quick for having such a professional finish. One hour, from start to finish. Does it get better than that?
My favourite thing to pair the Tobago with is the Clover shorts, from Willow and co. patterns. Also one of my favourite summer patterns, and also a fast sew, with such a tailored look. Don't believe me? Check this outfit I made for my little monkey!
Both of these patterns will definitely be a staple in both of my girls' summer wardrobe! Like I said, it's a match made in summer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sew! Sew! Sew for the craft show!

Sewing is like exercising. If you aren't use to sewing everyday, you get sore! I've been sewing as fast as I can, and I still can't compare to most seamstresses. I'll get there yet though!
My sewing room on the main floor has been painted, now all it needs is trimming, flooring and a new light fixture and I'm ready to move in! I'm soooo stoked! My first real sewing room... I'm just going to let that sink in for a bit....
And I'm back. I've got some items to show you, although i only have 3 finished ones. I've got 3 more cut out ready to sew, and fabric washed for five more.
Speaking of fabric, wanna know what my hubby got me for Mother's day? If you can't guess, you may want to put down your wine, or get some sleep ;) Fabric! Actually, he gave me money for fabric, which is better, because that means fabric shopping with a friend! And who was the awesome friend that came with me? The one and only Jeanine Thomlinson! I'm privileged to get to hang out with her in real life, and she's just as awesome in person! Now at least, I have something that is beginning to resemble as 'stash'.
So back to what I sewed.
First up on my list is one of the patterns I'm am currently addicted to. The Tobago Tank, by SS/SB. This one makes number 2 of many to come. I love this monotone fine print. It works like a solid, with the perk of a print :) (Btw, like my dress form? It's full rolls of tp, wrapped in a jersey pillow case, lol. Make it work!)
Tobago number 3! This print caught my eye at the local fabric shop. I knew it would make a great Tobago, and what little girl wouldn't love this cute fairy castle print?

Picked up this super cute shorts pattern, and couldn't wait to stitch up a pair for my youngest! Fabric was given to me by a teacher from my past (shout out to Miss K!Thank you!) I've got a tobago cut out in a coordinating print, and will post them together yet on my girly. Can't wait to sew up some more of these, who knew shorts could be such a quick sew, and with functional pockets too! That was a must, seeing as little miss Monkey is a collector of all things small.

And there you have the beginning of my collection for the last minute craft show, which is coming up fast! I'd better get some sleep, I've got a lot of sewing to do tomorrow! Thanks for checking out my little corner of the web!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fabric sneak peak

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks. Slow progress on the swim suits, since I've never done swimsuits before. There also may be a bit of procrastination on my part. We had a few days of glorious weather that I just had to enjoy. Plus painting my new sewing room!
The fire's been lit under my butt though, seeing as I agreed to sell at a local craft show nearing the end of the month! I've been working on some stuff to show, and will post about it as soon as I've got some good pics. Here's a pic of some fabric that I picked up this weekend, since my stash has just about disappeared. Next weekend will hold another fabric shopping trip. Can't sew without a stash!
Hopefully I can get a full post in soon, thanks for stopping in!