Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lined Sally Dress: Honey's Winter Summer Dress

Honey picked out these fabrics several weeks ago for her dress, and picked the Sisboom Sally dress pattern to go with them. I was slightly amused with her paradoxical combination of winter fabric and summer dress pattern, but hey, I did say she could pick! I then gave her the printable sally coloring page so she could show me where she wanted each fabric.
Her measurements fell in the size 5 for chest, but size 8 for length, so I simply lengthened the size 5 bodice. For the skirts, I used the width measurement of the size 5, and the desired hem length according to the size 8. I had it cut, and ready to sew...
Unfortunately, things when downhill from there. It's March, and here in Manitoba (along with a lot of other places) that means a tug of war between winter and spring. And THAT means colds and flu's are abundant. Well, they were definitely abundant in our household, the little misses are still not quite over it.
So I sewed here and there, when I got the chance. Yesterday was spent hand sewing the lining in place, so that I could be sure the top stitching would catch on the other side, encasing the waist seam. The side seams of the skirt are still exposed, but the girls have never complained about those, so I just finished them in the usual manner. I have to say, I'm really proud of the finish on this dress. It looks so clean and professional. Absolutely worth the 20 minutes that I spent hand stitching while watching Harry Potter. (Or should I say, RE-watching, lol.)

I cut the elastic a bit shorter than directed, and although it makes it a little trickier to get on, I like the fitted look it gives. I find fabric gathers better if the elastic is in a casing, So I just top stitched parallel to the waist seam, leaving enough space for the elastic. Lining the bodice is just the way to go for me!
Honey was super excited that her dress was done. She's not too pleased in the pics, because it was still a bit chilly outside (hence the shirt and tights) and I made her wear a toque (she's just getting over an ear infection, and cold air bothers her ear. Don't worry, we were only out for about 2 min.). All in all, I'm super happy with this dress! So glad I have this pattern!

I've got a couple of things on the cutting board, so I"m not sure yet what my next post will be about. I've been working on an Angie muslin, my soon-to-be-born niece's s nursery stuff, and a mash up of the Sally, Precious and Perfectly Preppy. Although, after the last ruffle escapade I had, I think I'll try the floss method of gathering this time!
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