Monday, October 17, 2016

Back to reality, oh, there goes gravity! Mundane Monday Muttering

I'm thinking this may be the beginning of a new thing. Mundane Monday Muttering, where I just babble about my current events, and current attitudes, which may or may not have some sewing involved. Like? Dislike? Take a peak and let me know in the comments below!
Okay, so I'm back after much too long of a hiatus, and I don't have much to show you. I've been having some trouble with my anxiety lately, hence the hiatus, and got into a bit of a rut. (Because who doesn't love feeling like a hamster in a hamster reel, right?)
So, why the anxiety? Well, it's a big year in the Voth household. I turned 30 this summer, hubs is turning 30 this month, AND it's our 10 year wedding anniversary this month. Poo. Now some of you may be asking, why Poo? Shouldn't this be a year of celebration? And therein lies the problem.
You see, I'm the kinda girl who gets her heart set on something (especially plans she concocts in her own head, can you feel where I'm going with this?) and I had my heart set on something big to commemerate this year of milestones. What I didn't consider in my plannng is my husbands feelings on this. Long story short, it will be a much smaller celebration. I totally set myself up for dissapointment. So yeah, there's my little sob story.
Anyone feeling sorry for me? No? Good, because I think it's time for my pity party to end and for be to put on my big girl panties and get back to adulting. And to make up for having to listen to me whine, here's a pic of me at the age of 20 in my wedding dress, which is a whole nother story.

Which brings me current. To deal with my self inflicted anxiety, (instead of the pity party I indulged in for a couple of weeks) I decided to throw myself into my work in getting ready for my upcoming craft show. So the last two weeks have been filled with cutting fabrics, inventory planning, and even a little pattern drafting! That's right, I drafted my first pattern! It isn't much, and it's only had drawn, but it's all mine!
Here are some pics of some of the cut out items I have finished sewing up.
This tent is the 12" size, and drafted by yours truly! Accompanied by some 12" doll sleeping bags. I'll be sewing up an 18" doll tent in the same fabric tomorrow, and I hope to get some pics of them side by side for size comparison. 
I finally got to put my daughters into a dance class, which I've been dreaming of since my first baby girl was born! My youngest started first, so I couldn't help myself and sewed her up legwarmers to complement her dance outfit. My oldest began later, so I've promised her a pair as well, but I don't have enough minky for her long legs, so I'll have to order some. It works out to the best anyway, since her dance outfit is black and white, and she'd like black ones. Anyway, here are Monkey's pair!
Btw, let me just say, if glitter is the cursed craft supply, minky has to be the cursed fabric of the sewing world. The shedding is crazy! I had a lint roller, duster and vaccuum handy while sewing up these pretty little things!
I went shopping for some flannel for some pillow beds that I'll be sewing up. I"m not making a lot, since I've no idea how they'll sell. My girls are really hoping they won't sell, so they'll be able to keep them, even though I've already told them that if they sell, I'll make them each one after the show is over.

I've got quite the crazy docket lined up for the next few weeks. Some tents, pillow beds, headbands and bookmarks need to be made before Nov. 5th!! Not sure what that'll do to my anxiety, hopefully I'll be to happily busy sewing to worry about any time constraint pressure. Sure feels good to be writing again!
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