Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snow day means sew day!

Oh the weather outside is frightful... Let me sew, let me sew, let me sew!
Somehow the camera just doesn't pick up all the blowing snow, but it really is a blizzard out there. School was canceled, which is a pretty rare occurrence. We're usually expected to figure things out, but this one was bad enough, I guess. Even the banks in our area put out a notice saying they were closed, which has never happened before in my recollection! Hubs still went to work, but he sent an email saying it was really slow going, and to stay put. Here's hoping he'll make it back home all right.
My girls were really happy about having a snow day, especially my eldest, who is always going on about how little time she gets at home. As in to the point where we're considering homeschooling for her.
They were so motivated by it, that before I was even up they had their room all cleaned, so that they would have the day free! I was going to tell them to clean it, but I hadn't yet! In fact, they've been so good (knock on wood) that I've had time to sew Hunny up a top! I had it cut out already, and so I set to work sewing it up.
It began as a skirt. One that didn't fit me anymore, and was an awkward length anyway. The fabric had a beautiful drape, but my goodness, was it finicky to work with! I sewed the sleeves in three times, and they're still not perfect, but good enough for everyday wear. This was, after all, a muslin. A wearable one though! Lucky enough, it's black, so it's perfect to hide any flaws in construction.
Unfortunately, blizzard weather also means gloomy skies, and since all my lighting for pictures comes from my windows, that meant poor quality photos. However, that happens generally in winter, where I live anyway.

I used the Love Notions Maggie Peplum, and I just love how it fits on her. I usually have to mash sizes for her, but not really on this one! I went with a size 6, and was surprised that it fit her really well in the bodice. Most of her height is in her long legs, but her torso and shoulders are slim, so I usually end up lengthening size 5 for tops. I did cut the peplum size 6 width, and size 12 length, as I wanted it to hit full hip, and it looked like all the testers hit more around high hip. I find full hip to be a better length for pairing with tights.

Although you can't see these details in these pictures, the peplum top has lovely princess seams, and this version has a pleated peplum, with two pleats that line up beautifully with the princess seams. It can be made with a circle or gathered peplum as well, and includes four sleeve lengths. It also comes in women's sizes, the Love Notions Margot Peplum Top (which can be purchased with this one in a bundle. I did, and can't wait to sew one up for myself!).
It's been a wonderful snow day so far, and I plan on finishing it up with some hot sommerbarscht (sausage and potato) soup for supper with homemade bread, some Christmas activities, and round it off with a good book!
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