Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Scrap busting challenge: Yo-yos

Well, one crazy weekend of camping is done, and the fun we had was worth all the work and prep. Weather was great, aside from the crazy storm we had on Saturday, that is. I came home, refreshed and all ready to dig into my sewing.... and then I realized something.
Now that all the hype from the swimsuits was over, what would I sew? So I took a few days to clean the camper and the house, and to gather inspiration of course!
I've got a couple of knit Tortolas on the cutting table, waiting to be stitched, so that covers one evening. After that, well...
I had to sew something! I was going into withdrawal! So I worked on a couple of yo-yos. I love scrap busting, and since I've got more scraps than yardage of fabric, I decided to challenge myself to come up with ways to use my scraps.
 I've been wanting to make some for a while, they make cute accessories on clothes and bags. So, after browsing a couple of tutorials, here's what I came up with!
I love how they turned out, but as I was making them, I realized that my button selection is looking poorly, so I'll be heading to the thrift shop to find some more unique buttons! Also, these were the perfect project to work on while I browsed for some inspiration. While making them, it occurred to me that, although summer was just getting into the swing of things and my girls' summer wardrobe is full, fall is right around the corner!
 So, fall wardrobe sewing and scrap busting is my goal. Which is great, because I've got a couple of patterns that I've been itching to sew, but they're warmer ones.
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