Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tobago Party Dress

 Nothing makes me happier than taking a pattern I've sewn several times, and trying something new with it. Lately I've been dreaming of the Tobago as a party dress. It's such a fast sew, I thought it would be awesome if it could be used to make something dressy. Dressy clothes are usually fussy clothes, but not this one! It was a little fussy to sew, but it'll be easy and comfortable to wear, which is very important to a three year old. At least, my three year old!
Now, I'd love to have more pics of this beauty in action, but my girls are sleeping, and my brain isn't, so one pretty pic of it on the hanger will have to do.
It's a basic Tobago dress, that hits at about the knee. I used a chambray with a very slight stretch as the main dress, and added a ruffle fabric overlay. Now all I need is a fancy button for the back!
Hmmm, now which pattern will I go to next? Maybe a cardigan to go with it?
Thanks for stopping in!