Thursday, August 11, 2016

Where I've Been Hiding and Why

All right, I haven't blogged in awhile, and I feel horrible. Not only because I haven't blogged, but also I've been sick most of July and all of what we've had of August. So I haven't really sewn since I made Honey Bee's end of school dress. But I NEEEED to blog, it brightens my mood.
So, aside from being sick, I'll show you what I HAVE been doing!
To begin with, we went camping, which I LOVE! Unfortunately we live in the land of bird sized mosquitos that breed by the thousands (ok, I might be exagerating by a little bit, but not in the numbers!). However that didn't stop us from taking at least one camping trip with our cute little pop up that I'm DYING to redecorate! Hubs says to leave well enough alone, so I'm waiting... for now, lol. (apparently I'm horrible at taking photos during a camping trip so I had to dig these up from last year, I blame dear husband, he thinks pictures are overrated and hates being in them. I therefore find it a suitable punishment that he is in the top pic, and featured on my blog, lol. Don't worry, I assure you that we love each other.)
I did find one current pic of my girls enjoying the outdoors though! Horrible quality, though.
Also, they've had some great times in the backyard, which is surprising really, as their options are really limited at the moment. Thank goodness they've got great imaginations!
At least they love summer. I, on the other hand, do not. (Aside from camping, I love camping and I never understood why since I generally don't like being outdoors. Maybe it's the stress free, devil-may-care approach that we take. The possibilities are endless on a Voth camping trip. Roasted marshmallows for breakfast? Sure why not? Impromptu trip to a nearby water park? Absolutely! Lazy afternoon naps with no regard to bedtimes? A must! Clocks and basically any technology don't exist on our trips. We have a pop-up camper, but we never have water hookup, and have yet to use the stove. We bought it so my post baby body had somewhere soft to sleep, my hips never really did recover from the whole loosening joints bit. Ok, side ramble over, back to the blog!)
You know how some people are affected by winter, it's a seasonal disorder, and their productivity drops? Yeah, that's me in summer. We've got two months of warm up here in Manitoba, and my anxiety spikes when I've got this giant to do list that needs to fit. For example: gardening, pool/beach trips, camping trips, fall capsule sewing, back to school prep, canning/freezing garden results, housecleaning, the way that summer somehow multiplies the amount of dirty laundry etc. Throw in having both girls at home all day everyday and wanting to make some memories with them, AND sicks days, and the schedule is FULL.
Did I forget to mention the complete bedroom overhaul we're doing for the girls? Yes? Well, that's a whole-nother (why does that word sound just fine spoken, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to write, or if it can even be written properly?) blog post coming up. Whenever we finish. Which is hopefully before school starts because the girls are sleeping on their mattresses on the living room floor atm, and are getting less sleep because of it. I can show a picture of how the room USED to look though. (These pics are from the beginning of last year, because apparently I didn't take proper before pics. Well, it looked exactly like this when we started renos, so I guess it's good enough.)
Builders grade paint, tacky 80's ish lighting, and REALLY tacky shag rug. Blech! We're keeping the beds (they were my sister's and mine back when we were kids) and the rest of the furniture, but the room is getting everything new. What's not pictured is the tacky closet complete with plywood paneling interior. Stay tuned for finished results! They WILL come! (after all, the girls can't sleep in the living room forever, I forbid it. The clutter is driving my NUTS! Can you tell?)
And thus comes to end my super rambling, way too chatty without enough pictures answer to where I've been hiding this summer and why! Hope you enjoyed! If you didn't, I'm totally cool with you marking this post as read and moving on, lol. Just keeping things real here, because that's how I like them! :) 
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  1. So real, so truthful and so great to get to know you outside of your sewing room.

  2. Great that you're back to blogging! Life does get in the way sometimes. Love to hear about your camping adventures, I also loove the feeling of not having to do anything while camping. Just being there is already enough :)
    xo Irene

    1. Thanks! I agree, just being there is enough. Thanks for reading!

  3. Love your rambling behind the scenes post:) personally struggle with lack of personal space in the summer, kids off school, juggling childcare and work means little time for sewig and blogging. But I like being outdoors and improved weather which is a great compensation (as is camping!).

    1. I hear ya about the personal space thing. I'm a SAHM, I'm thankful for the free time I'll get when they're in school again, but I'll find it very empty. With my baby starting kindergarten, I'm more than a little sentimental over it. Thanks for reading!