Monday, August 14, 2017

Sis Boom Sally with a high-low a-line skirt hack

I can't believe summer is almost at an end. In a couple of weeks school is starting and I'll suddenly have a lot of interruption-free time on my hands. My youngest is starting grade one, so that means school on a full time schedule. I like to believe that will mean plenty of time for me to sew, but in reality it means I'll be able to catch up on household chores regularly, and MAYBE some more time to sew.

(This one isn't a useful shot, but I loved the lighting.)
This summer has been a very busy one filled with family visiting from out of country, camping trips, my oldest's first trip to Bible Camp, and plenty of afternoons hanging out in our new backyard pool. It's only a pole frame above ground pool, but it's fantastic to be able to swim on a whim. (Yes, I rhymed. Yes, I have to point that out.)
However busy it was, I did manage to sew up a new dress for my Honey Bee. She loves elegant formal wear, and after I sewed up my high low Angie, she was begging for a high low Sally. I had been planning to use the same fabric and make both of my girls matching Mama and Me dresses, but alas, I made a terrible cutting mistake that cost the project. As the fabric was a gift, I wasn't able to get more.
My sis-in-law found some fabric that she liked at a local Marshall's fabrics that she wanted to use to make her daughter a dress, so she bought enough so that the two cousins could have matching outfits. So sweet of her, right? Honey Bee was more than thrilled!

I instantly gravitated to the Sally because always have elastic on hand, but I don't always have the right color zipper, or buttons. And with the closest fabric shop being half an hour drive, I regularly am gravitating towards patterns that don't require these.
The fit is a little loose, because although it's the right size, I forgot to account for the small amount of stretch in the lace and the lining.
As for construction, I just sewed it up using the burrito method of lining, as the lace was dense enough not to see the seam allowance through the lace by the seams. I used a strip of the lining fabric to make a casing all the way around the waist seam, as having elastic just in the back just wasn't enough to pull it in nicely without the side seams shifting towards the back. That's not a problem usually, just with this one since the stretch in  the fabric made it a smidge too roomy.
I used the same method for the skirt that I explain in my blog post about the high low Angie, which you can find here. I did draft the front of the skirt with a shallower curve though, but the process was the same.

I really love that back!
I actually sewed this up right before school ended, so she could wear it for her end of school ceremonies. I've been wanting to get pictures all summer, but a) we had an unusually busy July, and b) I have to catch her on a sunny day, in a willing mood. (In other words, everything in the universe had to line up, lol.) When she is doing of her own accord and not begged or bribed, I get the best pics and we enjoy the process.
Now for a couple of more photos. She did such a good job, I can't help but put in some more good shots she gave me, even if I am an amateur photographer.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the pics and I LOOOVE the hi-lo and elastic all around look! so elegant but still comfortable!

  2. Thanks! This one gets regular wear. She loves elegant clothes. Lucky for me the younger one still loves cutesy.

  3. I love that high-low skirt hack. So cute!