Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Jamie dress with Circle skirt.

So I know this post is looong overdue, but sometimes life happens differently than you plan, right? Anywho, I got my dress done!! Here it is! The Jamie dress, with a two modifications, a higher neckline, and a circle skirt.
I opted for a circle skirt instead of the gathered skirt that originally comes with the pattern, simply because it's less bulk around my waist, where I have enough bulk already, lol. 
I also finished the bottom of the circle skirt with piping, since I don't own a serger and circle skirts can be difficult to finish without one. The piping worked great though, and not only adds some body to the skirt, but also an awesome pop of brightness to a dark fabric. I added the lace at the waist band, because I love lace! Aaaand because I wanted to enter it into Scientific Seamstress' lace it up challenge, :) 
March in Canada isn't all that warm, and the wind that was blowing was like ice, so I was working really hard to make it look warmer than it really was. Except in this picture, lol. Thanks to Jeanine for taking the photos!!

I'm super excited for a number of reasons. One, it's a dress for me! Two, it fits me well, and accentuates my curves (in the right places, lol). And three, I actually finished. See, I have this strange obsession, I have to finish my current project before I start another. No UFO's for me, lol. Come's the the slightly OCD territory. I also can't sew with a messy house. Wish I could, because I'd get sooo much more sewing done, but I can't. So I get up early, rush to tidy the house, and then sew, if there's time. I usually get an hour or two in the evening after my littles and hubby are asleep.

Hopefully I can get my Annabelle dress done for the next post, so thanks for stopping by and don't forget to come on back! 


  1. It really looks great on you, sincerely flattering! Oh those expressions though, cracking me up!

  2. Hahaha, thanks Shanna! I'm not a fan of serious photos, plus Jeanine was taking the photos, and she kept making me laugh, lol. I love this dress and can't wait to wear it out somewhere!

  3. beautiful! and great pics - if I do say so ;) lol.