Monday, February 23, 2015

Precious dress turned peplum top.

So things have been kind of quiet here for a bit. What with kiddos getting sick, my machine giving hassles, and what not. Now that I have a new machine though, I finished up that peplum top I was in the middle of working on.
I've been wanting to use this pretty summer print for a while, but didn't have a whole lot of it, so I didn't know what for. That's when it hit me that a cute peplum top would be just the thing! The bias tape was a little tricky, but so worth the effort, as it adds just the right touch and defines the two layers of the peplum.
I cut the circles way to big, due to late night measuring, but couldn't re-cut, so I put in some roughly estimated box pleats, and love the outcome! If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm very calculated, so this was a big step for me, lol.
For the bodice, I used the Precious dress pattern by Scientific Seamstress, and their nifty circle pattern/tutorial for the circle peplum. If you haven't seen this nifty little FREE pdf, then you really need to check it out! I see a lot of circles in my future, lol! Here's a handy little link to their free pdf and tutorial.
I planned on making it for my 3 year old, but didn't take into account that she's getting into a size 5 (she's about the size of the average 5 year old), so the top ended a smidgen too short. By summer it'll be way to small, so I'm adding to the slow growing pile of clothes I'm making for this year's craft show (my first ever!!).
My Jamie dress is slowly coming along, and I'm right in the middle of muslining (?) it. I'm sure I'll think of another little project to work on during my big one, so be sure to drop in next week!!

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