Monday, February 23, 2015

Introducing Jane!

I've had my old machine for almost 10 years, and though she was a great machine to learn on, it was time for an upgrade. So, setting Sara, my previous machine, aside as a backup, I made room on my desk for Jane, my new machine!!
Jane is a Brother cs6000i. My husband already regrets buying it because I never stop talking about her, and for the simple fact that I refer to her as her, lol. How can I not talk about her? She comes with a bunch of feet, including a walking foot, and has 60 built in stitches.
I can't wait to test them all out! I've already tried out the over cast stitch and foot. I don't have a serger yet, so this beats zigzag hands down!
That's not the only thing I love about her. Sara always roared like a lion, which I found kind of strange, seeing as she's not that old, but Jane purrs like a kitten :) So everyone, meet Jane!

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