Thursday, February 5, 2015

Taking the plunge!

I've been debating about starting a blog for some time. I've loved writing since elementary school, so I loved the idea of it, but there are already so many sewing blogs out there, it was intimidating! I mean, how do I stand out, or compare to such talented ladies. Then something occurred to me. We don't stop making friends because the people around us are too similar, or more talented than us. In fact, we gravitate towards those that are similar!
Then I thought, well, blogs are no different, really. They are simply written forms of ourselves. Each blog has a personality that it inherits from the writer. So here I am, taking the plunge! I'm ready to meet people and ready for people to meet me! :)
For starters, here's one of my recent sews. It's so recent, that the hems not even done yet, but I'm super excited to share it, since I worked so hard on it!

This is an evening gown I made for myself using the Jenny dress pattern by Scientific Seamstress, my fave pattern designer! It's a silk dress, with a chiffon overlay. Silk and chiffon? Let's just say the bodice and I had a few minor disagreements, lol. For each bodice piece I had to machine baste the silk and chiffon layers together so that it was feasible to sew. I could have pinned, but I found this to be less time consuming (since the pins had to be carefully pinned inside the seam allowance) and less dangerous ( I'm always apt to stab myself with pins, lol). Plus, the shifting of fabric was pretty much avoided doing this extra step, which means the seams are impeccable! 
This pattern was so easy to follow, and so easy to adjust the fit to my exact measurements that I'll be sure to sew more of these. Whether they'll be in silk and chiffon again is a different story, ;) Let's just say it's a good thing there aren't many occasions to wear this dresses like these! :)
My next piece will be a pair of Katie fancy pants, also from Scientific Seamstress, for my oldest daughter, Hunny! She just turned six, but is so tall and willowy, that she's already growing out of her size 7 pants, and store bought pants are never narrow enough in the waist. Thank goodness I sew! :) 
I hope you like what you read so far, and if you're curious about any of my future sews, stay tuned because there's plenty more coming! You can also join me on Facebook, just look for my group, Tina Sew Tiny! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. This looks great! I've been wanting to try Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress patterns with silky fabric, but haven't had the nerve. I'm definitely more ready after seeing how well yours turned out.

  2. Thank you! My advice is to definitely make a muslin first. I took it pretty slow, and was really nervous, as I hadn't seen a lot of SS or SB in silky fabrics, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Good luck, and thanks for stopping in! :)