Monday, February 9, 2015

My new-old sewing space!! On a non-existent budget...

Hey readers!
The last couple of days have been super busy for me. The Katie pants are a little complicated, thanks to Hunny's very slim and tall frame, lol. Seems that pants aren't as easy to modify as dresses and skirts, but no worries, I'll get them done!
Since they're still in progress, I've also decided to refashion one of my long sleeved knit T's into a Cecile (by Lilygiggle) top for Hunny. It'll be a faster sew, and I'd love to have something to entice you back to my blog ;)
During the weekend, I finally got my sewing space!! It's not much, and has tacky 70's walls and flooring (it's in our being redone basement) but it's all mine, and I'm proud of it! No more sewing on the kitchen table, no more interrupting projects because of dinner!
I know a lot of you have a tiny budget to work with, so I thought I'd share, because my budget is also tiny! For that reason, buying a sewing table or desk was out of the question. My solution? I've decided to use the crib! Yup the crib. Take off the mattress, remove the railing and you have a desk! Storage? Enter change table, lol.
I've got one sorry looking pic, because crib isn't up yet, (it was taken down after Monkey outgrew it), and I have to share my space with a guest bed, but I don't care. Here is my tiny, tacky-but-I-love-it, new-old sewing space!
I know it doesn't look like much, but with a little time and elbow grease, I know it can become a cozy little place for me to make my creations, be inspired, and hopefully, inspire others along the way! See you in a bit!

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