Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentines! Hunny's Valentine Cecile top.

Despite my machine giving me headaches to no end, and interruptions from Hunny and Monkey (who I'm potty training at the moment, she's 3 and a half, it's about time), I finished the Cecile top by Lillygiggle!! I'm super excited about this top. It's my second time with knits, my first time mixing knits and woven, and my first time appliqueing. 
I started with these materials.

The left is a knit that I got from a long sleeved T that was hanging in my closet. I didn't have any knits on hand, and the pattern called for some. I never wore the T because it was unbelievably boring, lol.
Top right is a broad cloth, middle is a pretty woven, and bottom is tulle. I can't seem to help myself with tulle. It's a pain to sew, but I can't seem to sew my girls clothes with out some on the item somewhere :)

My machine gave me plenty of grief. She's not a very reliable machine, but she's the only one I've got. :)  I worked through it though, and finished this beautiful top for Hunny's kindergarten Valentine party on Friday. Now I just need to make the Valentines, lol.

I managed to convince her to get some pics, which is amazing because she doesn't like photo shoots unless she can pick the poses. Funny enough, the pose she picked turned out to be my fave, so I've decided from here on out to let her pick the poses, that way there's less grief.

After a couple of hours of work spread over a few days, which is the only way I get anything done, I was satisfied with my creation. Absolutely love this pattern! Easy construction, clear instructions, and plenty of tips included for those, like me, that are new to knits.

The Katie's are still fighting me, but stop on by next week, because I'm determined to have them done by then! The pattern is easy, but Hunny's measurements aren't, lol.

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