Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumn Leighanna

With the Autumn leaves changing colors, it dawns on me that the craft show is looming in the very near future. That's when I was struck with panic, seeing as my goal of having thirty items at the craft show would be virtually impossible. I'll be lucky with half. Sigh.
I'm pretty horrible with procrastination, but I actually have reasons for being so behind. With Hunny in school full time, it seems Monkey's made it her mission to make sure I'm not lonely, or missing the older one. She's also pretty lonely with out her, so she's looking for me to fill the void.
I am managing to sew a few things, so I'm going to print out a photo book and bring it along as well, so that people can order things as well.
In the meantime, I'm hurriedly sewing all the quick sews that I've got in my pattern stash. One of my favourites for colder weather is the Leighanna. I had a pretty floral print in autumn colours in my stash, and I actually bought it with the Leighanna in mind.
It looks big on my four year old, because it's a 5/6 size, but my oldest was in school, so I used my youngest as a model. It is cut on tunic length, because tunics and tights seem to be really in right now.
The Leighanna has a slit that is usually in the center and finished with a bow, but I wanted to change things up, so I moved it to the side, and added some non-functional buttons alongside the slit. Since the neckline is elastic, it doesn't matter if they're non-functional.
I actually wanted it to be long sleeved, but unfortunately, I didn't purchase enough of the print for that. Alongside the Tobago, this is one of my fave staple patterns, since it sews up in about an hour, and is super cute! 
Now that I've gotten a little more sewjo, it's time to tackle those Barbie/American Girl tents that I've got cut out. Thanks for stopping in, and check back in the next week or so if you're curious how those tents turn out!

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