Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Women's raglan, sweater dress style

Finally, I can share my raglan sweater dress that I made for myself last week. I'd have shown it sooner, but thanks to living in a very rural area, my internet was having issues. Ok, so mostly the issues were due to me hitting my data limit, but hey, it's really low, and I love browsing. So sue me!

This was such a quick sew, and I love how it turned out. I got the fabric from the clearance shelf of a local Fabricland. To be honest, since Canada has quite high fabric prices, and I'm on a really tight budget, most of my fabrics come from the clearance shelves. The ones that don't, come from sales, lol.

Anyway, back to hooded sweater dress. I wasn't planning on making a sweater dress, per say. I cut it on tunic length, forgetting to factor in my shortness, and voila! sweater dress! I could have cut it shorter, but I only checked the length after fussy cutting my pocket. It doesn't matter though, because with our short chilly falls, and long cold winters, I'm loving it as it is! The chill is already setting in, with the world ablaze in flaming fall colours. You might guess that I love fall, it's my favourite season!

Sidetracked again! Well, since I had some leftover fabric, that wasn't enough to sew my cuties anything to wear, I decided to sew a raglan for an 18 inch doll, for the craft show coming up. I'd sew it for my cuties, but they haven't embraced the doll thing, I'm still hoping to get them into it, yet.
That's all, for now. I've got a bunch of things cut out and ready to sew, but I couldn't find my sewjo, and I thought sewing myself something might bring it back. It worked, now to get on those UFO's and I've also got some projects on the cutting board that I can't wait to share! Thanks for stopping in!

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