Thursday, April 16, 2015

Call me cray-cray, I'm sewing up some swim suits!

I've got a couple of projects going right now, but the biggest one is bathing suits for my girls. It's crazy enough that I'm even attempting this, since sewing with knits is new, never mind sewing with swim fabric. Crazier still, I'm not using a swimsuit pattern. Yup, crazy.
I've decided that I love the look of the cecile top so much, that I'd like to try it as a swim suit top. Sleeveless, of course, with one less peplum layer, and sized down to be more fitted. I'll be using the Katie pants pattern to make skinny shorts for underneath.
When I was fabric shopping last month, I mistakenly bought some swim fabric, two yards of 60" wide fabric. That'll make like, four swim suits! It's good though, because I'm making a test first, just to make sure I'm not off my rocker!
What started me on this crazy idea? Well, I like swim suits that provide coverage, and it seems like once kids hit past size 6, getting that is almost impossible. Unless I order online and pay like $80 or something. Anyway, I thought, hey, I can sew, and I'm pretty good too. Time to step out of my comfort zone. I love a challenge, so I'm excited. Plus, if they turn out good, I've got a good swim suit for each of my girls, at a total cost of less than $15 a suit. That has me sold!
Here's a pic of the fabric I'm using, my girls love it!
I had the tester all cut out and ready to sew, and wouldn't you know it, I haven't got any ball point needles at home! So, I worked on a cute Tobago Tank until I could head into town to stock up! It'll be in the next post. Thanks for stopping by!

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