Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Tobago tank has me dreaming of summer!

Since I couldn't work on the swim suits for my girls, I decided to use up some bits of fabric I had in my stash. Inspired by Scientific Seamstress's blog post that you can check out here, I grabbed myself the Tobago Tank pattern, in the smallest size since my fabric bits where not very big, and chopped off the top to color block it. I had just enough fabric to make this cute little summer top, and boy, does it have me dreaming about summer!
Only a 45 min sew, and that's including pattern chopping, fabric cutting and finishing seams. That's a record, especially since I don't have a serger, so finishing the seams can be time consuming. At least my machine has an overlock stitch, which looks neater than a regular zigzag. Only downside? Not having a model small enough to model it! Still looks cute on the hanger though!
Thanks for stopping in for this latest tidbit!

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