Friday, April 10, 2015

The Annabelle Dress!

So pleased with the final outcome off this dress. If you've been following me at all, you'll know I started this dress weeks ago. The dress wasn't the problem, don't worry, I just take long to sew things. That along with spring colds, spring cleaning and renovations still going on, it kind of dragged it out. It really is only a 5 hour sew (3 if you're lucky and have a serger).

I loved sewing this dress, and its features allow it to have so many different looks, just by changing trim and fabric. I chose quilter's cotton this time, I had a great print that was given to me by my darling sis-in-law that I wanted to feature, and the front panel insert was the perfect place. I also put it in the middle chevron to tie the look together.
The other two prints I picked up at a local fabric shop. I am especially fond of the dandelion puff white on white print. I'd give the designer names, but I have no idea. I'm horrible when it comes knowing designers.
I was hoping Monkey would cooperate for pictures, but it was not her day. Thankfully, Jen was over, taking the pics for me and Berry was more than willing to pose for a few pics, provided there was a snack, lol.
This dress has a nice elastic back, which makes it fit great, and easy to pull on and off.

On a side note, my sewing room will be moved back upstairs, since that's where we spend the majority of our time and I need to keep both Monkey and Honey in my sight while I sew. Plus, the lighting is better too. So, one of the bedrooms, formerly the toy room, is being turned into my sewing room/office. Where did the toys go? We took out half, and moved them into storage, and the other half into their bedroom. Now that they have bunk beds, they have room for their toys in their room.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you're interested in buying this dress, or some of my other work, don't forget to check out our page Sweet Stitch Shoppe on facebook for more!

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