Monday, February 8, 2016

Leighanna Sew Along, and why I blog.

Before going on about what I've made lately, I've had some questions recently about why I blog, and I thought I'd take this time to answer. I don't make any money with my blog. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd know how, or if I even have enough of a reader base to do so. So, why do I blog? Well, I love to write, I love to sew, and I love photography. Blogging combines all three of my passions! I blog because I love it! (Even if I have no idea if anyone reads it, lol) Some say blogging is a dying trend, but I tend to think that there is enough of us out there that love to read about other peoples journey that it won't. Now, on to my latest make!
After doing a Tortola in knit, I started looking through my girl patterns to see what else would work in knit. Most of my patterns are made for woven, but both of my girls (especially Miss 4) aren't keen on woven tops. They don't mind woven dresses, skirts shorts or bottoms, but they don't like woven tops. Unless they are full lined, like all the dresses I make them. But I don't always have time (or fabric) to fully line them, hence the search for knit tops beyond your average tee.
Then, in one of the sewing groups I'm in, there was a sew along for the Sisboom Leighanna, or Devon. Well, I had the Leighanna and I knew Jeanine had made it in knit, so there we go! Problem solved.
I had plenty of knit left over from my Tortola, so I decided to use that. There was enough to make Miss 7 a Leighanna, plus enough to make Miss 4 something later. I haven't decided what yet. I know that will make us matchy, matchy, but to be honest, I love matching my girls. Not necessarily pattern wise, but fabric wise.
The Leighanna is one of my favourite patterns. You can use woven or knit, and it's such a quick sew. If you don't like the ribbon ties (I normally don't) the pattern also comes with the option to use elastic in the neckline instead of a drawstring, (which I plan on doing on this one yet, but I was out of elastic). It also shows how to make the string, but I don't like extra work, (plus this drawstring was temporary) so I just grabbed some double fold bias tape to use as a drawstring.
Since this was made in knit, and didn't require any hemming, or seam finishing, it literally took me less than an hour from cut to finish. Honey loves her new top, and Monkey has been asking to start hers. I've got the Cecilia Puff Tee pattern from Once Upon a Sewing Machine, and some white rib knit for the neckline, so I think I'll use that pattern for her. 
I should tackle some of my ufo's, I don't like having any. I've got a small pile, and most of them are fast sews, or like 90% done.
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  1. I blog for the same reasons. I don't make money doing it, but I want to spend some time researching this a bit more. It sure would be nice to make a few dollars to cover my fabric habit.

  2. I agree, extra money is always nice. If my blog ever took off, I'd probably look into it.

  3. Awesome! I really need to explore using knit with my patterns!

    1. Thank you! I'm relatively new to knits, but love sewing with them already!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm a sucker for damasks, paisleys and all things with scrolls.