Monday, February 1, 2016

Tortola in Knit; Beating Winter Blues

It's been a while since my last post, so much for New Year's resolutions, lol. Seriously though, old man winter has been getting me down. Honey's still waiting for her dress, which is cut and ready to sew... Monkey's still waiting for her skirt, which just need the waistband and bottom ruffle sewn on... Yeah...
So I thought that maybe a sew for myself might help boost my mood. I wanted something simple, uncomplicated, and that made me think of spring. The Sisboom Tortola was the top of my list, and it's one of my favourites. Plus, I've always wanted to try it in knit.
It's really easy to make it in knit. No bust darts to worry about. Just cut the front and back out of knit, and the facings out of woven and sew as per pattern, just skipping part where you add bust darts.

The pattern is drafted for a loose fit, but I generally like things more fitted. To get that, instead of trying to alter the pattern (way to much work) I simply added a belt to pull it in at the waist.

I'm also loving it with a cardi, making it perfectly suitable to wear in colder weather. (Btw, I may or may not have just pulled the cardi from the dryer and may or may not be wearing it damp...Well, I was loosing the light!)

I completely rearranged my sewing room for this and future shoots. Not that it was that much work, considering all that's in there at the moment is a dresser that holds my fabric, and a full length mirror. I guess that would make it a fabric and pattern storage room, lol. That will change if we ever get around to adding a desk or table of some sort for cutting and sewing on.
Anyway, this allows me to place my subjects opposite the window. I have to make the most of the natural light, since I have zero photography equipment aside from my point and shoot camera. But, you have to work with what you have, right?
Hopefully this will jump start my sewjo, I've got more projects in mind than I can count, plus the two that I've started.
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  1. looove this!!!! soooo cute with a cardi and belt!

  2. Thanks! Now to make one in the rose waffle knit I've been hoarding.

  3. I hear you with the loss of the Sewjo and I don't even have the excuse of winter... Anyway, love your top - looks fantastic and love your dedication, wearing a wet cardi!

    1. Thank you! Sewing something that is a fast but quick sew usually helps me get back in the swing of things. The longer I don't sew, the harder it is to get started! I hope your sewjo comes back soon!