Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Brightening a dreary spring by sewing baby gifts!

It's been quite a dreary spring up here in southern Manitoba, Canada. We've had several moments when the snow looks like it's gone, and then it comes back. Here's a photo of one snow days last week. It's not a lot, but it comes and goes, and comes and goes... I'm just waiting for proper spring, when things turn green and start warming up!

Along with this weather comes colds and flus... We've had several viruses running rampant in our household and it seems like all of March, and the beginning of April was spent recuperating and sanitizing. I think we've finally come clean of them (fingers crossed and knock on wood!).
One exciting thing (at least for me) that happened during spring break, is that my husband bought and installed a dishwasher for me! After almost 10 years of washing dishes by hand, I FINALLY have a dishwasher. I'm so happy. Dishes had to be the most hated chore I had (although I'm not sure why, maybe because  I found them to be sooo monotonous). Our kitchen didn't have one to begin with, so he had to remove a section of cabinets for it. I'm so lucky to have a handy husband. 
Obviously I haven't done much sewing while all this was going on, but I have done some! My sis is due in May with a little girl, so I've been sewing up some blankets and nursery items for her! I can't wait to meet my new niece! Here's what I've finished so far.
The above blanket is cotton and minky. It's super soft! My girls each wanted a blanket with that, and maybe one day I'll make them each a twin sized one. Maybe...

The top two blankets in the above pic are double gauze, and were super fast to make. Gauze is pretty shifty when cutting, but these two each had a grid pattern in their weaving, so I just followed the lines when cutting to make sure they were square. Then I just serged the edges. It took me a little bit to find out the best settings on my serger for this fabric, but I just played around on the scraps until I was comfortable. The bottom one is a single layer of cotton, and I just serged the edges. I may hem that one yet though, to make it look more finished.
I've got a couple of other nursery items coming up. Some crib sheets, change pad covers, bibs and burp cloths! After that I've got several things on my list that I'd like to make, I guess we'll see which one wins precedence!
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