Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Thimble- Hoodie FMA's

I'm so excited for the new One Thimble issue coming out  (issue 11)! See up there, close to the top right? StitchART! Designed by our own Jeanine Thomlinson! Wooot Wooot!
She's got some super cute FMA's in this edition. Hoodie add-ons! They are so cute!
These are just three of the designs included! There are several more to choose from in the pattern. Like animal faces, that have coordinating tails that you can sew up on the back of the hoodie. Now what kid wouldn't want that!
I know my girls have decided they want the giraffe and fox next, lol. With the extended chilly Springs and Autumns that we have, you can never have too many hoodies!
As you can see, our spring is still  pretty chill for end of April. These aren't limited to being placed on hoods either! I've seen some super cute ones on the fronts of shirts, and I think they'd look great on bags and backpacks too! (Now I need to sew some cute backpacks!)

Fma's are the perfect way to ease back into sewing if you've lost motivation, as you can put them on rtw items. These hoodies, for instance, were store bought ones we already had on hand. Super fast, and instant gratification! Perfect for boosting sewjo in a slump!
And the kids love them too!

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  1. I love the antlers, how cute! Great photos too, what beautiful light.

    1. Thank you! I'm very much a beginner in photography, so your comment is flattering and very encouraging. Thanks for reading!