Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thoughtful Tuesday- Searching for Sewjo!

My spring's been pretty blahh lately. Spring has never been an inspiring season for me. I know most people would disagree, but where I live, Spring comes slowly in dreary colors, coupled with blustery winds and sporadic rains. And for someone who loves the outdoors mostly through a window, it's a reminder of the coming obligations to go outside.
Lately it's been especially difficult to get motivation and inspiration. So I thought I'd sit and write a bit, and get those creative juices flowing!
Here are a few ways that I like to ease my way back into things!
1. One of my favourite ways to get my sewjo back, is to work on small projects that offer almost instant gratification. Things that I can complete in less than an hour are perfect, because I can squeeze them in almost anywhere, regardless of how busy my day is.
Free Motion Appliques are great. You can add some to your handmade items, take a rtw article of clothing and add some fun or even stitch some up part way and have them ready to add on whatever you like! My fave patterns are from StichArt aka The Crafting Fiend, you can buy her cute fma patterns here. I love her fun, whimsical designs.

The Sis Boom Tobago and Sis Boom Leighanna are my favourite fast sews in kids clothes! Both can be made in woven or knit (provided you use a woven facing on the Tobago). So this post isn't all words, here are some examples!
If I have absolutely NO motivation to sew whatsoever, I move on to these next options, which are perfect to do after the kids are in bed.
2. Read some sewing blogs! Here's a list of a couple of my favourites, although I read many more than this.
The Crafting Fiend. An irl friend of mine, I love reading what she's up to, as she radiates creativity.
- Ali Cat & Co. I love the variety of projects she does.
- Kid's Clothes Week. The perfect place to dig around and see what other people are sewing for the littles in their lives.
3. Aside from blogs, I love visiting the Facebook groups pertaining to designers of patterns that I own. Seeing how other people hack a pattern, or add notions to change up looks is great inspiration for what I'd like to sew next.
4. Check out cute kids clothes that I'd like to copy cat for my girls on Pinterest.
Sewjo levels are pretty low, so I'll be spending the evening doing options 2, 3 and 4. Hopefully by my next post I'll have some pretty nursery items finished to show you!
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  1. good ideas to get back on track!

    1. Thanks :) They seem to have worked, I"m sewing today! Cribsheets, but still sewing!